Chisinau joins Paris Declaration to end the AIDS

Congratulations to Chisinau and the regional project team #SoS_project with the start of implementation of the #FastTrackCities initiative in Moldova.

On May 31, 2019, acting mayor of Chisinau Ruslan Codreanu and UNAIDS Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Vinay P. Saldanha, signed the Paris Declaration on accelerating action in Large Cities to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Chisinau became the first city in Moldova and the first among the cities of the regional project #SoS_project, which signed the declaration, thereby declaring its active leadership position in the global movement to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in major cities around the world. It should be noted that in Moldova annually register about 900 new cases of HIV infection, about 20 percent of which occur in the capital.

“Chisinau was the first to sign the Paris Declaration in the new regional project “Sustainability of HIV services for key groups in the EECA region” (aka # SoS_project), which covers 14 countries and 24 cities in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. The capital of Moldova sets an example to other cities, how to take the initiative in their own hands, applying the best international experience, developing an effective urban strategy, allocating the necessary funding and supporting effective HIV/AIDS activities to improve the health of citizens. This is not the final point, but only the beginning of an effective municipal response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, where the non-governmental sector, which is very well developed in Moldova, should play a crucial role. Our organization has experience with the association Positive Initiative, which has great expertise in this area. And we are convinced that NGOs must become strategic partners at the municipal level in order to successfully achieve common goals. The Alliance team is ready to provide technical and expert support to the city, ” – said Andriy Klepikov, executive director of the Alliance for Public Health .

The city authorities of the capital of Moldova have committed themselves to a significant increase in the coverage of Chisinau residents in the prevention, testing and treatment of HIV infection, with the goal of eliminating the AIDS epidemic and focusing on programs for key groups.

The Paris Declaration assumes that the city undertakes to do everything to achieve the indicators 90-90-90 by 2020. This means that 90% of all residents should be tested for HIV, 90% of those infected should receive treatment and 90% of them should have zero viral load (the virus must be completely suppressed). According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 the world will be able to stop the HIV epidemic.