- Almaty, Kazakhstan -

Estimated number of PWID 9 200
HIV prevalence in PWID 8,6 %
Estimated number of CSW 6 200
HIV prevalence in CSW 0,9%
Estimated number of MSM 4 000
HIV prevalence in MSM 2,3%
PLHA registered 4 071
New TB cases + TB relapses (per 100 thousand population) 36,7
- City background -

Substantial portions of country key population are in Almaty: out of 127 800 PWID in Kazakhstan, an estimated 9 200 live in Almaty, and the prevalence of HIV among them is a bit lower (8,6% vs. 9,3%); estimated 6 200 of 18 650 (33%) SW live in Almaty; estimated 4 000 of 27 670 (14%) MSM live in Almaty. Based on AIDS Center report, some 60% PWID, 63% SW and 65% MSM are reached with prevention services in Almaty. Based on 2014 IBBS, 78,1% PWID, 90% SW and 89% MSM are tested for HIV. Based on AIDS Center data and HIV prevalence estimates, some 35% of HIV-positive PWID are accessing ART.

Despite the high level of TB detection and good treatment results, accessibility of TB diagnostics, Kazakhstan remains to have a high level of TB incidence – 52,8 (in Almaty – 36,7) per 100 thousand population, high rate of MDR-TB – 15% among new TB cases. 86 % of co-infected patients receive ARV therapy. In Almaty the tuberculosis indicators are close to the national levels being slightly more favorable.

There are no city level HIV programs in Kazakhstan and no city level Coordinating council. There are episodical meetings of partners on the city level. City budget is funding prevention work, republican – drugs and equipment procurement.

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