- Sofia, Bulgaria -

Estimated number of PWID 2 000
HIV prevalence in PWID 5,5 %
Estimated number of CSW 656
HIV prevalence in CSW 0 %
Estimated number of MSM 5 000
HIV prevalence in MSM 12,7 %
PLHA registered 946
New TB cases + TB relapses (per 100 thousand population) 23,8
- City background -

There are estimated 2 000 PWID, 656 SW and 5 000 MSM in Sofia. Based on the Global Fund program data, 13% of PWID, 85% of SW and 28% of MSM were reached with programs in 2014. According to 2012 IBBS, 93,4% PWID, 85% SW and 94% MSM have ever had an HIV test.
Sofia City level HIV program has been prepared in the last years, but is still not finished and adopted.

The city level HIV coordinating Council has 27 members, 10 of them are NGO, others represent governmental and municipal agencies, health services, police, etc.
The project will prioritize the city level sustainability agenda and advocacy for increased program reach.

− Activities planned −
in the project
Development and implementation of a model for key populations for the '90-90-90’ targets of the HIV and TB response in Sofia
  • Situation assessment, April – May 2017
  • Conducting dialogue on the results of situation assessment, May – June 2017
  • Development of city improvement plan, June – September 2017
  • Receiving the advocacy visit by Stop TB Partnership, 2017
  • Joining the training on TB by Zero TB Cities, 2018
  • Receiving the technical support visits on TB Zero TB Cities, 2019
  • Joining Zero TB Cities project 2018 or 2019
Establishing effective partnerships between Sofia municipality and NGOs/CSOs in Sofia
  • Establishment and functioning of City Task Forces, February 2017 – December 2019
  • Signing Paris Declaration by Sofia, 2017
  • Participating in Exchange visit to Bern or Amsterdam, 2017
  • Ongoing collaboration and active engagement of key populations networks
  • Ongoing supporting the provision of legal support to key populations
  • Organizing facilitated city sessions on removing barriers to access for key populations, 2018
Ensuring sustainable allocations of municipal funding for key population programs in Sofia
  • Organizing training on innovative funding approaches, 2018
  • Organizing information session for NGOs on municipal planning and budgeting process and timelines, 2018
  • Developing and adopting models of sustainable funding mechanisms, 2018
To increase knowledge management and popularize Sofia response on HIV and TB in Bulgaria, in EECA region and globally
  • Every year Sofia representatives will visit one other city in the project to share learning and results
  • Develop case study on Sofia city model of response in 2019
  • Initiative for Health Foundation will partner with local print media, TV and Radio stations for story telling of the successful and sustainable municipal responses to HIV/TB in cities throughout the project
  • Initiative for Health Foundation will participate in sharing achievements through the annually organized International City Health Conference in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as well as International AIDS Conference 2018 in Amsterdam
− Expected results −
in the city by 2019
Impact indicator Target Comments
2017 2018 2019
AIDS related mortality (per 100 000 population) 0,18 0,17 0,16 It is planned to achieve an ambitious 8% reduction in AIDS-related mortality per 100 000 in three years
TB mortality rate (per 100 000 population) 2,0 1,96 1,9 It is planned to achieve an ambitious 10% reduction in TB-related mortality per 100 000 in three years
Percentage share increase of funding for TB/HIV activities targeting the key populations from the cities health budgets 10% 20% The baseline value will be established during the situational assessment to be carried out in Sofia in 2017, and the targeted percentage increase is 20% in comparison to the value established
− Implementing partner −

‘Initiative for Health Foundation’ from Sofia works with PWID and Roma community, Association ‘Health without borders’ (HWB) works with MSM predominantly. Both organizations are major service providers for key populations in Sofia. ‘Initiative for Health Foundation’ has been a member of CCM twice: from its foundation in 2003 till 2010 and from 2013 till now. It participates in the development of the national programs for HIV and drugs. It has good

relationships with the municipality. Still, this is the only organization in Sofia, operating in HIV prevention services supported by the municipality. This organization is a leading NGO in the country in the area of harm reduction. It has actively participated in the development of the national methodology for HIV prevention among drug users through number of trainings, methodology development, expert work, working groups on national regulations and strategies, etc. It participates in the

development of the municipal HIV strategy, which is not completed yet. It has an extensive international experience in HIV/TB programs implementation. It is a member of several international networks, the Municipal council on drugs and Municipal council on HIV, TB and STIs prevention.

City project coordinator:

Anna Lyubenova