EXPERIENCE of #FASTTRACKCITIES was PRESENTED at The City Health Diplomacy course in Geneva

On May 27-29, Tatyana Deshko, Director of the International Programs of the Alliance for Public Health, at The City Health Diplomacy course with The Geneva Graduate Institute of postgraduate education, presented #FastTrackCities municipal experience to the HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis epidemics responses.
The #FastTrackCities project, which includ five cities EECA, have a good expirience to share: accomplishments and challenges, factors like mayor’s backgrounds, political affiliation, peer pressure and exchange.
“National political figures adhere to great historical norms and political ideologies but mayors have to fix things – they have to pick up the garbage and fix the sewer. They’re problem solvers and that’s what makes them pragmatic“ (Benjamin Barber)
If Mayors Ruled The World… – these are the thoughts that make many global initiatives, including those on health, involve mayors in the first place. Exactly the focus of Paris declaration, Zero TB Cities, and our project.

Today Alliance for Public Health covers about 30 cities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia on regional projects: #FastTrackCities and #SoS_project
Tatyana Deshko noted, that interaction with municipal authorities is extremely important for an effective response to the HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics. And with the government and the opposition. It is necessary to resort to economic arguments, to actively communicate and, above all, on social networks, to interest the mayors with a broader and more understandable subject for them.