Film “Harm Reduction 2.0”

To date, in countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Moldova, most drug users use so-called “new” drugs, buying them through “darknet” – “deep”, “shadow” or “dark” Internet.
Here are just a few facts on this. Only one Russian forum on the sale of psychoactive substances is visited by more than 500 thousand people a day. The average number of subscribers of any Telegram channel on the subject of drugs is more than 100,000 people, and there are several such channels. Today we can safely say that access to psychoactive substances in our region has become almost unlimited, and as a result we have a large number of new users of “new” drugs, which simply can not be covered by traditional harm reduction and prevention programs, because using traditional methods – outreach and others – we simply can not reach this target group.
In early June 2018, DUNews, together with the Alliance for Public Health, during 5 days conducted research in Kiev, with the goal is to develop an algorithm, that allows the introduction of traditional methods of prevention and harm reduction in an such uncharacteristic environment, as “darknet”. And we did it!
More about this in our new film “Harm Reduction 2.0”.