Results of  HIV/TB situation assessment

The project conducted a situation assessments in 5 project cities aiming at identifying particular HIV/TB key populations needs, services, data gaps, barriers to access and sustainability of services resourcing.

Specifically, the assessment addresses improvements in city data systems, availability of population size estimates and their mapping, improvements in city cascade information, HIV, TB, prevention, treatment, health and social integration, human rights of key populations, legal issues, existing coordinating bodies, programs and their resourcing and potential areas for cost optimization.

The data collected during the assessment is used by the cities and is reflected in municipal HIV/TB programs in order to reach 90-90-90 and improve HIV/TB preventing programs in the cities.

Results of  HIV/TB situation assessment conducted in Almaty, Balti, Odesa, Sofia and Tbilisi within ‘Fast-Track TB/HIV responses for key populations in EECA cities’ project are here